We Lost One Of The Good Guys


It’s a sad day for baseball. We lost one of the great ones. And not just because of his HOF numbers. It didn’t matter which team you pulled for – you knew who Kirby Puckett was. And you liked him. I’ve talked a lot about my dislike of prima donna superstars whose mouths were bigger than their bats (or gloves). Puck was a superstar who gave it all back…to his team, his fans, his community, and the game of baseball.

It breaks my heart to think of him being as unhappy as he was reported to be in the end, especially because he brought so much joy to so many people. You just have to think that if there’s a baseball heaven, he’ll be the one welcoming everyone at the gates.

Kirby, I hope you know how you were loved and how you and your smile will be missed. There is no way to replace you.

Jim Caple said it much better than most of us ever could. Be careful, though, the room might get a little dusty when you read this: As A Player, Puckett made everyone happy. 



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