Big Day for Baseball

After a winter of waiting through hockey highlights to catch 3 words on some obscure baseball topic, yesterday was overflowing with baseball and baseball news. While the baseball world was reacting to the death of Kirby Puckett, the whole world tuned in to see the first marquis games of the World Baseball Classic. I listened to Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, evenLeeteamusa took my lunch break to catch some of it. Now that was some good baseball.

I decided to pull for Venezuela because Carlos Zambrano is pitching for the team. Unfortunately, he got shelled in the fifth inning. Let me tell you, it’s not a good feeling to see your ace give up four runs in an inning. Thankfully, Derrek Lee redeemed the Cubs today by belting out a solo, opposite field homer for the US to take the lead against Mexico. I seriously love that guy. I can’t wait to see what he does this year.

Then news broke of a book chronicling the steroid use of Barry Bonds. The office was buzzing over it. I’m still not sure why. Did anyone really need a book and solid proof to make them believe he used? Will this change anything? MLB will still treat him with kid gloves. He’ll still break Babe’s record – and maybe Hank’s. Regardless of what people are saying now, he’ll still be voted into the Hall of Fame. And honestly, I just don’t care.

I think it’s ridiculous to try and compare players from a steroid era with those who played without minorities or those who played significantly less games in a year or career. Plus, it’s hard to compare home run records when the size of parks differs so greatly. If everyone would put less stock in records, then players would have to stand on how they played during their time on the field and how they treated the game.

Tigerball After listening to/watching two WBC games and reading about Puckett and Bonds (Seriously, could the two be any different? It feels strange to put their names in the same sentence.), I tuned into the LSU/Tulane game – a great instate rivalry. My tigers came from behind to beat the Green Wave (Easily one of the lamest names in the NCAA). After 3 baseball games and countless articles, I really felt like the season has already started. I also felt that my baseball itch had been scratched. And I haven’t felt like that in months.


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