Could This Be Next Year


And I should know.

If you asked anyone who knows me, they’d tell you that I lead a pretty cursed existence. It’s not the severity of the bad luck I encounter, but rather the sheer number of "occurrences". The last few years have seen a freak softball to the shin injury; an unexplainable car accident involving garbage men; a mysterious tailgating injury; a concussion caused by a car sun visor; my purse being stolen from my car; and one especially bad week that included a tree going through my roof, my car being totaled, and an explosion in my sewer pipes. And those are just the few that I can remember off the top of my head.

Of course, I don’t need to tell you about the curse on my team. There’s no real need to go through the manifestations of that curse during the past few seasons either. I hear fans and baseball experts alike saying how moronic it is to believe that a team could be cursed. I’m pretty sure those people aren’t watching the Cubs. When someone tries to tell me there are no such things as curses, I remind them about a team who only had to win one of two games at home with two of the best pitchers in baseball on the mound. Forget Bartman and Gonzales, they were just pawns. The curse got the Cubs in 2003. And I’d like to see you try to prove me wrong.

My life is so often intertwined with the trials and tribulations of the lovable losers that I wonder if I’m cursing them or if they are cursing me. Am I fan because I am also cursed, or are they partly to blame for my bad luck? I think the passionate fan is somehow led to their team by fate. It disturbs me to think of what fate already had in store for me at the age of 12 when I picked the Cubs (or when the picked me).

But as  Cub fan, I have to leave plenty of room for optimism. And this year I have big plans in the works. This will be the year I try to break my curse. My own personal spring training has been intense. I’m dieting, working out, budgeting, working seven days a week, saving money, applying for jobs, meeting guys on, and preparing to move to Chicago. That’s right…Chicago.

I realize that moving so close to the potential source of my curse is risky. But I just fell in love with the city. And this hurricane weary Louisianian is ready for a change. And it’s going to take a big one to change my momentum. Who knows. Maybe I can even be the good luck charm the Cubs need. We’ll just have to see.

But spring training is over now. I’ll be in Chicago for opening weekend at Wrigley. And while the Cubs are kicking off a season in which they’ll try to be the third team to break a creepily long curse,  I’ll be in town looking for apartments and going on job interviews. Both the Cubs and I have a lot to prove. Here’s to hoping that we can both turn things around. Maybe we won’t get all the way this year. But maybe we can take some really important first steps.

I’m sure there will also be some bumps in the road on the way. Join me in my daily adventures of following the Cubs, preparing for and making the move to Chicago, and trying to avoid goats.




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