Let’s Go Cubbies

GoalToday is the best day to be a Cubs fan. Hope springs eternal on the North Side of Chicago (and the South Side of Baton Rouge). Today there is no L in the loss column, no number of games back. Sure, Wood and Prior are on the DL, but Wood and Prior are always on the DL. And today Crazy Carlos is on the mound. The controversy at second base is over for the time being. Dusty came to his senses and named Todd Walker his starter. Now maybe I can stop cringing every time I open cubs.com, thinking that I’ll see he’s been traded. I think the offense could be really hot. We’ll see about pitching.

But we’ll worry about that later. Right now all is right with the world. Baseball is back. One hour until first pitch. I can’t believe it’s actually here. It’s been a long winter and a crazy spring. But today is not a day to think about student loan payments, taxes, and the fact that both LSU’s men’s and women’s teams were annihilated in the Final Four. I’m going home for lunch to have a hot dog and a couple of innings of the game. They don’t make lunch breaks much better than that.

I have to say that for someone looking to break a curse by moving to Chicago, the long rain delay at the White Sox game last night made my stomach turn a little bit. Not that anyone really cares about the White Sox. I was mad that was the game I had to watch to kick off the season. But still, you hate to see rain on the first game of the season. Yeah, maybe I should try not being so superstitious. Probably not. That might anger the baseball gods.

Here we go, Cubs fans. T- 1 hour and counting.


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