Three for Three

How many people can say that the Cubs have won every game they’ve seen? I do realize that as I’m writing this I am jinxing them out of a win tonight. But it’s been fun so far. I think if my streak goes on much longer, the Cubs should look into getting me season tickets.

The game yesterday was fabulous! Cold but fabulous. Luckily for Dusty, he started Walker. I didn’t have to rush the field or anything. Still, he pulled him late in the game. What is up with that? He hasn’t been pulling any of his other "starters". ****, Jaque Jones doesn’t have a hit yet this season.

I think things are supposed to be warming up here. And the sun has indeed come out. It came out for the first time yesterday while I was on a first date at Wrigley. I’m going to go ahead and take that as a sign. Yesterday was pretty much the best birthday I’ve ever had. They don’t make them much better than a beautiful day game at Wrigley.

I continued my exploration of Wrigleyville bars after the game. I sure do wish I could remember the names of the places I’ve been. I remember the beers, though. The beers were good.

So this trip is really shaping up to be an incredible one. I’ll try to share some more of it along the way.



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