About eamuscatuli

I’m 27. I haven’t graduated yet. I’m
certainly not married. I thankfully have no children. Now
that we have answered the annoying questions asked at
weddings by strangers/past acquaintances, here’s the real me:
Baseball is what lights me up. I have loved the Chicago Cubs
since I fell in love with Mark Grace in middle school. I play
softball on a work team called the “Campus Fed Sox”. We are
marginally good. I have lived in Baton Rouge all my life and
have started itching to get out. Maybe not forever. I am
working on campus while I finish the last 20 hours of my
degree. It might take me until the end of time. Once I’m
done, I’d like to try a baseball city. Baltimore? Chicago? I
eat SportsCenter for breakfast. I listen to old music (Beach
Boys), say old things (wiseacre), study old civilizations
(Greece and Rome), translate old languages (Latin), and just
took my first trip to the mecca of old ballparks (Wrigley).
That’s where Ivy Dreams was born.


Cubs Baseball, all baseball, LSU Football,
light beer, hotdogs, reading, writing, but not ‘rithmetic,
Mike the Dog, purse shopping, et cetera